Sunday Sketch 11 – Assemblies

For my last Sunday Sketch assignment, I chose to draw a tower to show the learning objectives that I have learned in this class. The bottom of the tower is composed of digital citizenship, since using technology appropriately is the most basic and important part to be engaged in the online class via zoom. RhetoricalContinue reading “Sunday Sketch 11 – Assemblies”

Sunday Sketch 9 – Recreate a Movie Scene

For this sketch assignment, I have decided to recreate one scene from “Marley & Me,” because it is one of my favorite movies. Also, it is a movie that I always cry when I watch, since I also have a dog. Below is my recreated version of the scene. I took my dog’s picture whenContinue reading “Sunday Sketch 9 – Recreate a Movie Scene”

Sunday Sketch 8 – Data viz from everyday life

For this Sunday assignment, I wanted to see the difference between days before my midterm and days after my midterm. The five categories that I chose are productivity, excitement, healthiness, tiredness, and quality of sleep. I tried not to be aware of my feelings and condition while I was gathering data, since I wanted toContinue reading “Sunday Sketch 8 – Data viz from everyday life”

Literacy Narrative 3 Reflection

Creating all three literacy narratives helped me to meet the Learning Outcomes of this class. Through this project, I could compose texts both visually and alphabetically. Also, I could learn some strategies of revision, editing, and reflection. Having revised the essay three times and received feedbacks of each text, my thinking process and writing skillContinue reading “Literacy Narrative 3 Reflection”

Reflection of Tracing Stitches and Spinning

Choosing one page from the entire book was not easy. I traced three different pages for Spinning, since I felt like I was forcing to fit the essay into the image when I wrote based on what I traced. As I attempted to come up with the thesis, I was struggling to find some similaritiesContinue reading “Reflection of Tracing Stitches and Spinning”

Sunday Sketch 6 – What’s in your bag?

Tory Burch Women’s Piper Small Zip Backpack: I bought this backpack just because it was pretty, but now I am regretting it, because it does not have enough storage space. iPad Air & Apple Pencil: I use my iPad instead of notebooks. The notes for every class I take are in my iPad. MacBook Air &Continue reading “Sunday Sketch 6 – What’s in your bag?”

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