Sunday Sketch 7 – Quadriptych

This comic is inspired by my high school life. I always set a time and tried to start studying at that time. However, it often failed because I could not check the time while texting my friend or watching YouTube videos. In college, I just shift my day and night, since I prefer studying at night and dawn. However, it was hard in high school, so sleep was my enemy. Crafting quadriptych was fun. Brainstorming ideas was not easy, so I kept drawing and erasing for a few times. Just like a triptych, it was hard to put a story in limited numbers of panels. However, I felt like a quadriptych is easier than a triptych, since there are more panels that I can utilize. Also, it was pretty hard to express feelings of the character through facial expression, since my drawing is simple, so there was no multiple options that I can draw. I clearly showed time change in the bottom left of each panel, since time is one of the most important features in this comic that shows the beginning, middle, and end.

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